Institutional Memberships

If your school or institution wants to register multiple people for CCEAM membership, an institutional membership can save you money. It allows you to buy multiple memberships in bulk for a discounted rate. Each member receives the benefits of a fully paid Institutional Membership.

How do I register an institutional membership

  1. On the renew/register page, check 'Multiple Institutional Memberships' and select the number of memberships you wish to purchase
  2. Go through the process of registering the member details for the primary member.
  3. Once the membership has been paid, login as the primary member, then click 'My subscriptions and memberships' from the left menu.
  4. For each other member, enter their email address in the box on the right and click 'Email instructions for activating membership'. Alternatively (if they're not an existing CCEAM member), click 'Enter details to activate a new member' and enter their details. These members will not have to pay, of course, because their membership was purchased in step 2.
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